Publishing Process and Timeline

The PJP uses Open Journal System for Management of the journal. The Editor of the journal also has the right of the Journal Manager. The PJP takes at least two to three months to complete review process after the date of submission. The PJP publishing process involves following steps:

  1. The Editor/Manager of the Journal assign manuscript with anonymous author to a Member from Editorial Board for desk review.
  2. Manuscript are evaluated by Editorial Board Members of PJP for their scientific significance and novelty, relevance to PJP’s scope and policies, and compliance of the content with the journal’s publication ethics.
  3. The Editorial Board Member sends manuscript to Editor after desk review/ Initial screening. The paper may be rejected, returned to the author for revisions, or accepted for publication.
  4. The Editor sends to reviewers for peer review all those manuscripts which successfully clear desk review and assign two reviewers including national/international reviewers to the manuscript (without the details of authors and his institution).
  5. The Reviewer receive notification on his email and review reports are submitted on Open Journal System.
  6. The Editor takes the decision in the light of reviewers report whether manuscript is acceptable for publication.
    1. If positive review reports are received and the handling Editor is satisfied with the scientific and methodological aspects of the manuscript then ‘manuscript acceptance decision” will be communicated to author(s). He will send the manuscript for Copy editing after receiving two positive review report. The Copy editing involve in further proof reading of manuscript and making corrections in formatting of manuscript. The Editor reserves rights to edit the draft and make necessary changes.
    2. If the review reports indicate that manuscript has the potential to be published however requires revisions then ‘manuscript revisions decision’ is communicated to the author and the Editor sends to authors the manuscript for revision/correction proposed by the reviewers.
      Editors may request an author, when considered necessary, to elaborate on the content or technical details of the paper to render it compliant with editorial policy of the journal.
    3. If the reviewers reports are not satisfactory and Editor is not satisfied with the scientific and methodological aspect of the manuscript then authors will be communicated “manuscript rejection decision”
  1. Once the copyediting is done. The editor sends manuscript for Production and Publication. A PDF of final version of the manuscript is published on Journal System with Abstract and Affiliation details of Authors.