Gender and specific learning difficulties: A double disadvantage


  • Erum Irshad


The present research examined the specific Learning difficulties among children and its implication for Psychological Functioning in terms of gender differences in psychological reactions to disability. The sample consisted of 30 children, both boys and girls ranging in age from 6:5 to 11:5years, from main stream schools in Swansea, Wales. Dyslexia Screening Test, Beck Combination Inventory, Human Figure Drawing test and Self-Image Profile were used for assessment of dyslexia, poor self concept, anxiety, anger and depression. Initially all children were assessed with the help of Dyslexia Screening test, those children who were not at risk were excluded from further assessment. Those children who were at risk were further assessed on Self-image profile, Beck combination inventory, and Human Figure drawing test. It was hypothesized that poor self concept, anxiety, depression and aggression will be more prevalent among girls suffering from specific learning difficulties than boys. t- test was applied to find out the significant differences. Results supported our hypotheses. It was found that girls suffering from specific leaning difficulties showed greater number of emotional indicators on Human Figure Drawing Test measuring poor self image, anxiety, aggression and depression as compared to learning disable boys who showed lesser number of emotional indicators. Girls scored lower on poor self concept scale as compared to boys and scored higher on Anxiety and Depression of Beck combination




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