Aims and Scope

The Pakistan Journal of Psychology encourages scientific originality and creativity in the field of Psychology. It publishes empirical and conceptual papers, which aim to increase the understanding of human behavior, pathology as well as enhance the standard of research in Pakistan. It covers the broad range of domains including industrial, social, organizational, and personnel psychology, as well as all experimental and clinical research on etiology and management of psychiatric illnesses/ associated problems with medical illness, and their preventions. The main areas of interest also include personality, sociology and psychometrics. Innovative or interdisciplinary approaches with a psychological emphasis and those, which develop the link between clinical psychology and other areas of the discipline, such as social and cognitive psychology are particularly considered. Authors are generally expected to relate their analysis, as far as possible to the socio-cultural context of Pakistan in particular, and developing and developed countries in general.

It contains the following varieties of papers:

Empirical Research Papers and Surveys with new quantitative or qualitative data, which addresses significant theoretical and/or practical concerns in clinical psychology or any other related field.

Theoretical and Conceptual Papers, with new ideas as theories, perhaps accompanied by a critique of existing approaches; or articles advocating changes in research paradigms, methods or data analysis techniques; or analysis of practice in clinical psychology, either taking into consideration any theory and/or sound data.

Reviewers of Books and Existing Research helpful in drawing conclusions or creating insight into a field or research and/or practice.

Case Studies with the illustration of the history, etiology of Psychological disorders, diagnostic specification as well as therapeutic intervention till the phase of termination and follow up.